A close friend of mine recently asked me to make his engagement rings and wedding bands. It is a request that shocked me. To simultaneously find out he wants to get married and be given an opportunity/challenge to create such meaningful jewelry inspired me.

It had a profound effect on me. It's motivating and frightening. I want to succeed, to make something that will last and most if all, make something they will both love. I have never been tasked with such an important project. The pressure is all coming from me, and my expectations of myself, which is exciting. Most of my endeavors in life have been measured by another person or other people. I have been my own largest critic lately, striving for a level of craftsmanship I have never attained. Trying to constantly challenge myself to do better, to make something better.

This level of personal investment in my work has created an atmosphere of ease. I haven't often had that atmosphere when working on jewelry. It has always been difficult. I look forward to putting in the work and labor needed. I know I am going to need to learn a new set of techniques and improve my craft. It's an experience I am lucky to be having.

Here are some photos of the process of taking the diamond out of another ring to put into his.

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